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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

March 28th E-mail and a Fijian potluck

Well this week was really busy but good. Sister and President Ostler were supposed to be coming for a visit and doing a fireside setting up a priesthood and relief society program (we don't have one yet) and doing a fireside. So we spent all week telling everyone and preparing. We set up a big pot luck lunch for inbetween church and the fireside, because people walk from far to come to church so we didn't want to make them walk home for lunch only to come back in the evening. So that kept us pretty busy. Then on Saturday morning, we got a call from President Ostler that Sister Ostler was sick and they would not be able to come. We thought about it and decided it was impossible for us to get the word out to all the people to cancel it, so we just stuck to the program. So me and Elder Finch spoke in the Ostler's stead at sacrament and the fireside, as well as teaching sunday school. I'm sure everyone is very very sick of hearing from us. It went awesome though.

We had some transportation problems this week and the boat from the Tavuki side was not able to bring the investigators over. We ended up just staying on the Vunisea side of the island. We had 24 people in attendance though, so it still went really well I think. In Fiji because of the large methodist influence, easter is a big deal and this week was Palm Sunday, so our fireside was Easter themed. We talked about the Savior and the atonement and it went well. We watched the Lamb of God DVD. I ate way way too much and we had tons of food leftover so by Fijian standards, it was a success. It really did go well though and I was pleased. I think the members had fun as well.

As for the work this week, it went pretty well. We are still just struggling with transportation to the other side of the island. So we decided that this week we would focus most of our efforts in Vunisea so we can teach people who are going to be able to make it to church. Hopefully we can find some good investigators because right now 75% of our good investigators are on the other side.

We are planning our trip to Kavala again as well;I'm not sure if it will be this week or next. We will see how the boat schedule is.

The Seru family is awesome. Bro Seru is an older man about 65, but he is so fit. He runs a huge farm by himself and walks so far to town all the time. They wanted to bring fish to the potluck so he got in his little row boat and rowed clear far out past the reef, caught a bunch of fish (in the night since the fishing is better in the night time) for the potluck, then came back and rowed his whole family quite a ways to shorten their walk early the next morning. He is an awesome man. It was so good to see them all at church happy and participating. I'm excited for their baptism.

Well that about sums up my week. I hope all of yours was great too. Have a great week.

Elder Wall

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