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Friday, March 26, 2010

March 21, 2010 E-mail

Well this week was amazing and quite an adventure. So Monday and Tuesday there was a government-issued curfew because of the Hurricane and we had to stay in all day. It got very boring, but I got to catch up on some sleep so that was good. Luckily the Hurricane didn't hit Kadavu head-on, but apparently some other islands got nailed really hard. We still had some crazy strong wind and rain. Our house is on top of a huge hill and about the only place not covered with trees to break the wind,so it was shaking really really bad because of the wind and rain. We had to put straps across the tin sheets that are our roof and even with straps, two of them came loose and were slapping around making tons of noise. I don't know how they didn't rip off. But they stayed on, just made a bunch of noise and let a lot of water come in the house.

One night when the wind was really bad, I couldn't sleep cause of the shaking and noise and water...honestly it was a bit scary. So I prayed for protection and for inspiration about whether or not we should go down to a member's house who has a cement house for cover. Then a story I read in the ensign popped into my mind. It was about some missionaries who were on a sinking boat and it said they didn't jump off until they had no other choice. So I decided we would just sit it out and if we lost a tin off our roof, then we would run down to safety in a cement house. Everything turned out okay and the storm slowly let up and we ended up okay. But the next morning, Elder Alba said he was scared to death all night and didn't sleep at all because he just kept hoping I would say that we should go down to the cement house. He didn't want to be the wuss who was scared and wanted to run for cover. It was funny and we laughed about it later. So that was the first part of our adventure.

On Wednesday, we finally got to go out and do work again and we were very excited. We had a great day. We only ended up getting to sit down with one family since everyone was busy cleaning up the mess. Lots and lots of the crops from the farms got ruined from the rain and wind. So a lot of people here are hurting a little bit from it.

We had a good lesson with one awesome investigator who dropped everything he was doing to sit with us. He is great; his name is Lati. He lives clear far away from the village out on the beach. While walking over there, Elder Alba called my attention to how beautiful of a place we were in. I have been here two months now and walked the trail dozens of time, but never looked around to notice the beauty; it was amazing! So we took some pictures and enjoyed it for a second and decided life is too short to not take five minutes every now and again and enjoy the beautiful world that Heavenly Father has given us. Kadavu truly is paradise.

On Thursday, we took the boat over to Tavuki for the first time in a while. All of our investigators are doing well. One woman Rogo said she wants to be baptized...but her husband is a talatala for the Methodist church and loves us teaching him and coming over but doesn't want to switch churches so hopefully we can soften his heart enough for him to give up his fat pay check and join the church. Slowly and surely.

On the way over, we saw dolphins again which is always fun and Elder Alba was so excited to get to see them. On the way back we saw sea turtles and that was fun as well. I also ate pig brain for my first time yesterday and it was really really good- very tender and sweet.

Because of all the boats and planes during the week, on Friday, me and Elder Alba had to take the boat back to Suva. It wasn't quite as hot this time because we were still having pretty heavy rain as after effects of the hurricane. But it was still a miserable 12 hour boat ride. No fun at all plus the seas were rough so the boat was rocking and lots of people threw up. Luckily me and Elder Alba were both okay, but it still smelt awful and we couldn't wait to get off the boat.

On Saturday, Elder Finch and I got back on the plane and flew back to Kadavu. Flying is so much faster and more enjoyable. I love flying. We also got new chairs for our chapel. We are beginning to look like a real church. When I first came, we had nothing. The chapel was an empty building but over the past few weeks we have gotten a pulpit, white board, and now chairs, so we really look like a church. It is great!

This weekend, President and Sister Ostler are coming to visit our branch and we are going to try and set up a priesthood and relief society program. It should be fun. Well I had an amazing week and am very excited to have another one this coming week. Hope all is well and I miss you all.

Elder Wall

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