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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

February 28, 2010 E-mail - just a house rat

Jake's comment about "normal house rats" made us laugh. In what world are house rats normal? We can tell he has been out a while now :)

Well this week was very good. It went by so so fast. We were wrapping up our week and figuring our statistics and we realized that we have been working and doing things for the last three weeks in a row on P-day. We have been going a million miles an hour. It has been crazy but good cause we're working really hard.

Well this week we had some good lessons. The Seru family is finally ready for their interview and baptism. We are going to Suva for Zone conference next week and the Zone Leaders are going to ride back here with us and do their interview so they can be baptized. It will be awesome. A whole family of six! We will more then double the membership of our Unit.

Bro Seru has finally stopped smoking the Suki (like cigarettes) and is ready to be a good priesthood holder; they are all very ready and excited to be baptized. They are an awesome family.

We have one investigator in Solodamu named Dan who is the deepest thinker and studier I have ever taught. We had a really good lesson with him discussing priesthood, seventh day, and baptism. He is progressing slowly. I am kind of worried that we are converting his mind, but not his hearth. I really want to try to find a way to get him to really grow his testimony, not just his intellect.

On Thursday last week, we were riding in the boat over to Tavuki and a whole pack of dolphins came and surrounded the boat jumping and swimming and playing around us. It was so cool! They jump and do back flips and spins.

As for out rats, I decided to put out a few more traps just to see if we caught more rats and we are now up to six. So we have been doing lots of baptism by fire. And no Mother, they are not the huge dog rats, just normal little house rats. But still sucks cause they chew holes in everything. One chewed a hole in my mosquito net. I was mad.

Well that about covers our week. We are doing lots of work and having some good success. Love you all and hope all is well.

Elder Wall

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