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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

March 7, 2010 E-mail

Well it was a pretty good week this week. Bro Lal, the member who takes us in his boat to the other villages, was out of town and couldn't take us so that put a huge damper on our week. We tried to hire a boat to take us but it is forty dollars one way. It is no good. So we had to stay here in Vunisea the whole time.

We had some good lessons with investigators here, but just ended up contacting lots of people. The population is not real big here so I am pretty sure we have contacted every single person who lives in Vunisea at least once; everybody knows us. It's fun.

The Seru family is going to be interviewed for baptism either this week or next. We are going to go to Suva for Zone Conference this week. We get on the boat and take a fourteen hour trip to Suva, not very fun. We will be in Suva Wednesday until Saturday. Then me and Elder Alba will fly back Saturday and Elder Finch and Elder Logsdon will fly back Sunday. It will be really fun. The Zone Leaders are gonna be here with us until Wednesday next week. I am very excited to go to Suva and eat good food and go back to civilization again.

Anyway Seru's are awesome, we had a really good lesson with them yesterday about enduring to the end. They are ready and excited to be baptized. They are so strong and walk so far to go to church. The hike they make to church is amazing! They have such great dedication and faith to walk it. They even walked down for choir practice on Thursdays.

One of our other investigators, a referral I brought from Tamavua, Lati, who is the nephew of a recent convert family in Tamavua, is also progressing very well. His wife said he is reading the Book of Mormon a lot and has become much more family friendly. He doesn't go out and drink kava with his friends all night as much and is nicer and helps out more at home. I am excited to continue meeting with him.

Well that about covers my week this week. All is well and I hope you all have an awesome week.

Elder Wall

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