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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

April 4- Opposition in all Things

Well this week was really good. We just got back this afternoon from Kavala and it was really good. The boat ride was amazing with beautiful crystal clear water. It was so beautiful- it never ceases to amaze me. So many bright colorful fish and coral. So beautiful.

I am amazed at the strength that the unit there has been able to maintain even without having missionaries there to help them except just every once in a while. They have a very strong youth and seminary program and all the kids show up for, along with all the activities and church meetings and they participate very very well.

Venisita, the girl we baptized during our last trip there, is doing awesome and is bringing her sister to seminary and activities. One other boy, Ipeli, wants to be baptized but his grandpa who he lives with is a talatala for the methodist church and won't allow him to be baptized. He continues going to church and seminary though. Venisita challenged him to keep asking since her parents wouldn't approve at first either, but she kept asking until they allowed her. So hopefully next time we can baptize him. He is a great kid.

Another man, Rupeni, lives in a far away village but tries to come to church whenever possible and wants us to teach him. He walked all the way there on Saturday and stayed there so he could go to church and so we could teach him. He is great and had lots of great questions and was excited to read the Book of Mormon. I think that in another couple months, he too will be ready for baptism.

On this side, we pushed back the Seru's baptism because we were in Kavala. So they will be baptized this Saturday. They are awesome and continuing to learn and progress and getting some close friendships with the members. I think that will help them out a lot and help the work to move forward here. One man from the Tavuki side who is a chief and also a preacher, is praying and fasting to join the church. His wife said she prayed and fasted already and wants to join the church but that it is up to her husband. So hopefully he will pray with real intent, willing to give up his pay check and join the church. They have no way to get to church on Sunday either, so hopefully we can have a way to get them to go to church.

Natumua, one of the villages we did the sevusevu, in had a big arguement and the village split into two sides. Half supporting us and liking us being in the village and half wanting us out. One of the preachers wives from another religion got so angry during the meeting for it that she had an anerism or heart attack or something and died. So were having some opposition but the work is progressing well.

Well that about sums up my week. I hope all is well on that side. Have a great a week.

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