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Monday, March 15, 2010

March 14, 2010 E-mail

Well this week was good. Zone Conference was amazing. I always love Zone Conference and it is always such a spiritual uplifting experiance. Me and Elder Finch had to do a short training which I was a little nervous about, but it went really really well.

The boat ride was no fun. Luckily in Kavala, the stop on the way to Suva, there was almost nothing to load or unload so we just stopped for a minute and it cut down our ride to twelve hours. It was very hot and crowded though. I was just sitting a pool of sweat. I'm not really sure if it was all my own sweat or people next to me as well, but it was miserably hot. The capitan was really cool and asked if we wanted to go see the capitans deck so we went up and took pictures at the steering wheel and got about half an hour of air conditioning when we were up there with him. I guess it was a good experience, but I am definitly grateful we flew back.

So the plane (all four seats) was booked, so me and elder Alba flew back on Saturday then ELder Finch and Elder Logsdon were going to fly in on Sunday. So me and Elder Alba came in (on the smallest airplane ever) on a geo metro with wings. It was definately not smooth like the bigger plane (eight seats) I flew in on the first time. I am pretty sure we were close to sideways a couple of times coming into the landing strip. We fished tailed a little bit, then were good, so all was well.

Then we got this huge hurrican warning so all planes and boats were cancelled so I am in Kadavu with Elder Alba stuck here and Elder Finch and Logsdon are stuck in Suva-- not sure when flights and boats will go again but I don't really care cause I love Elder Alba and we are having a great time.

So me and Elder Alba made the hike to the Seru's house in the jungle last night and did the baptismal interview; they all passed so we will be more then doubling the membership in our small annex! April 3 we will be doing the baptism.

Church went very well this week and we had a good attendance of eighteen people so I was happy about that. Hopefully we can get all this hurrican mumbo jumbo sorted out and get over to the Tavuki side of the island. I am worried about our investigators over there, we haven't been able to make it to see them in so long.

Well I love and miss you all. Hope all is well and that you are all healthy and happy. Oh ya, good news: I am down ten pounds. So hopefully I can lose another ten around the belly and put some muscle on. Till next week...

Elder Wall

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