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Thursday, February 25, 2010

February 21, 2010 E-mail and a message to Ben

Hey all! Here is Jake's latest. Also, Jake left a comment for Ben. It is listed in the previous post.

Well this week was super busy and passed by very fast. Last Monday we had our combined family home evening and it was awesome. We had 33 people who showed up and about six of them were from the Tavuki side that we go to twice a week. I think it is the first time that they have come over for a church activity. We had a great time and just had potluck snacks like scones and buns. We did the iron rod activity thing with the rope and blind fold [A lot of people call this a faith walk]. The kids loved it and did it like ten times each. I was really happy with the way it turned out.

The rest of the week we were in Kavala. We rode the boat (4 hours) out there and stayed until Monday. We just now got back. It was kind of slow because there is only one village open to us and it is not a true village, it is a school with a few other families. So there was not too much to do while everyone was at school. So we did lots of service gathering wood for the fire and planting dalo and working on the farm. We ate lots of fresh seafood which was awesome: crab and lobster and fish; it was good. We stayed with a member family and it was ok.

As much as it is rugged and like stepping back in time on this side, in Vunisea it is way worse there. No power or water. We hauled buckets of water from the river and junk like that. Got absolutely eaten alive cause we had no mosquito nets. Literally the flies ate me. I got a little tiny cut on the boat when I was getting out and the flies swarmed it instantly and I could not keep them off it all week. By the time we got here, it was huge because the flies were literally eating my flesh.

We had a very good baptism with a fifteen year old girl named Vinisita. I did the baptism in a little pool from the river with a little water fall. It was really nice. As I was getting out of the water, I thought I felt something crawl up my leg so I checked and then it started crawling up fast. I freaked out and started shaking my leg and a little crab fell out of my pant leg. I picked him up and took pictures so you can meet him. I have a officially gotten mushrooms and crabs on my mission. Ha ha.

We also did two baby blessings. My companion did one and I did the other. The unit there is awesome, 18 attendance. It is all youth. Only 2 adults; the rest are 14-18. It was fun being with them cause here we have no youth. We also were invited by the methodist church to do a musical number in their service so we went and sung I Know that My Redeemer Lives. It was really good.

On the ride back, we were on a little fiber boat and the sea was rough. My butt and back are killing me from slapping down on all the waves. It was a beautiful ride though.

Well that about covers my week I love you all and appreciate the love and support. Have a great week.

Elder Wall

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