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Thursday, January 29, 2009

LAST MTC E-MAIL! January 29, 2009

I have already bought a 1000 minute calling card that last 180 days after
activation so i can use it for mothers day too. I have almost finished
packing and I have tons of room left so that good. I think i have everything
i need so im good. If not i bet anything I can buy here is cheaper there
I am very excited to meet my first in the field comp and know where
my first area is going to be. I hope he is cool and I hope I live in a
jungle with no plumbing or electricity or anything. That would be so
awesome! I will pry end up in Suva though, but thats ok im just stoked to
get to do some real work now.
My fijian is pretty good (probably only cause I never get to talk to native speakers) But I understand most things and can say most things I want to say so thats good. Two more days.
I cant wait.
Well I will talk to y'all in a couple days see ya then. Much love
Elder Wall

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