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Friday, January 2, 2009

December 18, 2008 Email

Hey yall!!
It is going good here. The language is coming pretty awesome. I teach the first lesson in Fijian saturday. Im a little bit nervous for that. I can teach all the principles fine but when they ask me questions I have no idea what they are saying about fifty percent of the time.

Last saturday we had Fijian volunteers to come do like a contacting excercise where we meet people in the park and set up a teaching appointment. My guy started talking about sports and rugby and I just looked at him with a blank face and said io. Which means yes ha ha, so if they ask any questions I am just gonna be like so ya the book of mormon is great. Ha ha

I found out last night my companion has to go home and have a surgery so I am also teaching by myself so I am gonna study my butt off cause I got twice the load to pull now. I still dont know what is gonna happen tomorrow when he leaves. I think they are either gonna make me a solo elder, or team me up with the tongon kid who live in the same room as me. I dont know so I guess we will see.

Oh ya can you send me a cheap watch before I leave and I will send mine home with my warm clothes cause we found out about this cultural thing called 'kerei kerei' which means please. If you have something they like they say "kerei kerei," and you have to give it to them. So I am gonna have no clothes or anything by the time I come home.

Mom, you also asked about sunglasses. I got my nice pair, which I hope last a month. Then also a pair nick gave me. So I cant decide if I need more or not. Well things here are good. My ankle
is fine. I have been doing lots of physical therapy everyday during gym, which we get five times a week. And it is getting way strong way fast. So its all good.

It snowed alot here and my district has some intense "under ground" snow ball fights. It has been fun. I bet eventually we get caught though, cause your not supposed to have snowball fights.

Well hope all is well at home. Send me lots of mail. I am getting caught on the letter and package contest so keep sending them. Plus I love them and they keep me going. Thanks Love everyone and i will miss you.

Love Elder Wall

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