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Friday, January 2, 2009

December 25, 2008 Email

Hey everyone!!
I hope you all had a very merry christmas. Christmas in the MTC was pretty cool. It was different and kinda hard being away from home but it was good.

I got your packages and thanks so much they were awesome!! The helicopter is the coolest thing ever. Everyone wants one so dad will let me know how much they are and I will send you money and orders cause everyone wants to buy one. I sent a letter today explaining some stuff so I will keep this brief.

My comp went home cause his butt cyst ha ha choir kids. My new companion is elder Tulane going to tonga. He is way way cooler then Becktel and he smells good. And I like him. So it was a huge relief. Things are going good. The language is good and things are fun. I still miss you, but I have fallen into a groove here. I'm kinda like a zombie. Ha ha, I cant wait to get to Fiji and start the real work. The more I hear about it the more I am excited. I have met a few of the people here and they are way cool. It is going to be awesome. Everyone wants to feed you and have you come to their house so hopefully the work will be good.

Elder Bednar came and talked to us yesterday and Elder Holland this morning. It was pretty awesome. Other then that not much happened. Our P day kind of got stolen, so I did not get much done. Barely got my laundry done after lunch. Oh well. Write me and tell me how everything is going I wanna hear about your christmas. Keep the letters and the packages coming. I love you all MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!
Elder Wall

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