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A collection of letters from our favorite missionary. This blog is compiled by his sister and is made up of pictures and images sent to the fam.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Look out Fiji! Elder Wall has arrived!

Elder Wall flew out to Fiji last Saturday after a ten hour flight and we got to talk to him before he left the LAX airport! What an enthusiastic missionary! He sounded like he was doing amazing with the language and could hardly wait to get out there. We are so excited to finally have Jake out in this area that he has been hearing so much about and we know he is going to be the best skirt-wearing missionary out there!

Here is his most recent e-mail:

Long Long flight and got no sleep and got here at five in the morning, so I get to live out this whole day before I ever get to sleep. It will be good I guess. We had to ride a bus around the whole island and because of slow roads cause of flooding and all the stops, it took about five hours. Very long and not fun at all. I got to hang my suit up and put away my shoes though, that is awesome. I do not know my first area yet. Not until tommorrow I don't think. But I am way excited. It is hotter then heck and amazingly humid. But I am loving it. It was nice to talk to you all.

Much Love,

Elder Wall

Here is a map illustrating just how far Jake traveled to reach his final destination. Fiji has a red circle around it, so if you can't see it, just click on the map and it should give you a better view.

According to Google, this is what traditional houses look like in Jake's new home. Does this have Jake written all over it, or what?

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