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Thursday, January 15, 2009

January 15, 2009 Email

Hey Yall,

I have been here in the MTC seven weeks yesterday. It is crazy that it has gone by so fast and so slow all at the same time. It is a wierd feeling.

Iget my flight plans one week from tommorrow. I am so excited for that it is going to be crazy. I have a huge lay over in LAX so i will have plenty of time to make some calls so be ready.

The language is coming really well. I feel like i am doing good. I kind of feel like i have hit a wall with it though so i am just gonna get some good vocabulary in untill i leave cause the rest is just seeing how the natives do and say things. I am so excited I cant even wait. I dont even care if i get there as the retarded companion who cant say anything I just want to start doing the real work. I have been teaching at least one lesson a day in fijian and talking the majority of the
time in fijian so it is coming good. The spirit when I teach is so cool to feel even though it is not a lesson to a real investigator I cant wait to experiance the real deal.

Elder Holland came and talked to us again on tuesday. He is an incredible speaker who speaks with so much power I love it. It is definitly a spiritual high everytime he talks. He talked about
missionary work and how we are litteraly disciples of christ. He talked about the reason why missionary work is so hard is because in order to preach about the atonement we need to feel a very very very small portion of pain and suffering to be able to fully convey its meaning. He gets all worked up and starts yelling and spitting when he talks about missionary
work. I love it he is so passionate about it. It makes me laugh to see a apostle get all worked up like that its awesome.

Well things are going good. I'm glad to hear your all doing good stay strong and I love yall.

Love elder Wall

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