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A collection of letters from our favorite missionary. This blog is compiled by his sister and is made up of pictures and images sent to the fam.

Monday, December 29, 2008

First Email

**Brief background: Jake entered the MTC and promptly broke himself. Haha. Mom got a phone call from a very sweet nurse who explained to her that Jake injured his ankle in a, no doubt, high stakes volleyball game. Imagine our shock when we learned that jake got a little competitive when he finally got some free time! Thankfully, the next phonecall told us that the break was actually old. Jake explains a little more:

Today is my first P day so I finally got email set up. As for the update on my ankle apparently I broke my ankle sometime in the last month cause after the CT scan the Orthopedic surgeon said that it was an old break? But that it is healing wonderfully. He thought that I had like a J fracture or something like that but after the scan said I did not. He just said that I have some torn ligaments and that I have to wear a boot the next ten days. Then excercise it and I will be set to leave feb. 2.
Well the first few days here were rough and discouraging but after I got into the groove of things I liked it much more. My companion and district are pretty cool. Fijian is coming good and I am pretty good at it.
My branch first counciler brother hunter, is the coolest man alive. He is so spiritual and knows anything and everything there is to know, so we ask him questions and he always gives us the most spiritual meetings I have ever had in my life.
I can never sleep good and the mattresses suck, so no matter how hard i try i always end up falling asleep in most the meetings, but brother hunter always keeps me awake.
Love you all and keep the packages and letters coming. I love them and basically it is the only thing you have to look forward too in the MTC life. It's funny how excited and jealous you get every time you or someone in your district gets packages.

P.S. So far I am winning the most letters contest, so dont let me down; I have been talking big. Ha ha. Love you all so so much and I miss everyone more then I ever thought I would. My prayers are with you. (In Fijian and English so you're getting double prayers)!!!!!
Au kila dina na lotu oqo!
I know the church is true.

Much Love,
Elder Wall

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