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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

February 15, 2009 Email

Hey again!
My comp is having some issues with his family so we get to email again. But ya it is amazingly beautiful here. The pictures don't even do it justice. I was struggling to get them to work on these computers though, so I am not sure what I sent and if you got them, so sorry. I will send an SD card home soon.
As for sending me packages, I have at least one in the mission home in Suva, but have not been able to get it brought done here so I don't know when I will get them. For packages send to Suva, at:
Elder Jake Wall
GPO box 215
Fiji Suva
that is the best way. Letters can go there also.
My comp said if it is just letters it's ok to send them to our Nadi (it is pronounced nandi FYI) mailbox. I will have to get you that box number next week though, cause I don't know it. Other than that, things are good. Thanks for the e-mail.
Hey Mom,
thanks for the advice. It's great. We are trying our best. The ward is not so strong in fulfilling their callings. We have been pounding them really hard. We actually have a senior couple assigned here who is helping so so much with our ward. The ward hates it when two white boys stand up and tell them what to do and it does not go over good a lot of times. But they just have so much respect for older people because of culture, that they listen to them way more. So they are helping and we really are on the verge of a breakthrough. So it's going good.
My companion is supposed to be transferred within the next month or two, but is going to ask President to extend him here since we're doing so good and progressing. I hope he can, because we get along great and are doing awesome.
Also, President and Sister Ostler are great. I love them. You asked about that.
Well I pry better get off LOVE Y'ALL SO much thanks for everything.

Elder Wall

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