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Thursday, February 26, 2009

February 22, 2009 E-mail

Hey everybody!
I'm doing good. I got your package this week and it was wonderful! Thanks so much the fudge was amazing. I have saved one in my fridge. I think it's going down tonight.
For letters, my Nadi mailbox is:

Elder Jake Wall
GPO Box 4090
Nadi, Fiji

So anyone can send letters there.
I bet I will be here at least three more months; that's my guess, but who knows. This week was pretty rough, but it ended really well cause we had like ten less actives and investigators we have been working with come out to church. That was nice. But we had a million fall through appointments and the Presauds, our investigators are having lots of problems. They live with their Hindi grandparents, who used to sit in the back when we came and taught. But now they have seen them changing, so they wont let us inside anymore. They yell at us and talk bad about us to the family. So it was terrible and then one of the girls told us she did not know anymore and she still prays to the hindi gods. It broke my heart to hear that and to feel like they are falling away. I hope we can get through to them.
Other then that we have some new investigators this week who are referals I am very excited about. And our work with the Ward is feeling better. Our bishop definitly got the message. Now I just hope the rest of the ward will catch on.
We're doing good and I'm loving it. So thanks so much for the love and support keep it coming. It is what keeps me going.
Oh ya mom ,yes I am trying to learn Hindi, but it is very difficult. I'm learning some things though. I try to work on my Fijian, but I don't get to use it a lot so it's very hard.
Love ya'll. Enjoy the cold snow while I sweat like dog in the heat humidity and rain...yes it is still hot when it rains. Love ya good luck stay safe.
Elder Wall

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