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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Our first real Email since his arrival!

Well week one is over with and I think it went very well. Not sure if you know yet but I am in Nadi, my comp is Elder Lloyd from Sandy. We get along great and he is a good trainer.
At first I was disappointed with my area cause this is the tourist area with all the rich and wealthy and most people speak english and are Indian not Fijian.
I eat like a king and there is any restraunt I could ever want. There is even a hard rock cafe. We live in a really nice flat (that's what they call houses). And we have a van to drive around. I have finally gotten used to driving it on the wrong side of the road; which means it has been a few days since I pulled into head-on traffic. People here are crazy drivers, but I love it. You go where you want to go and don't worry about how you get there, but there are never any wrecks; it's crazy.
I bought some sulu's and have been loving them ever since. It helps so much with the heat and humidity. They are awesome! It is SO hot and humid all the time and rains a lot. It has rained everyday so far, except one and even then it sprinkled. And here in Fiji when it rains look out, cause it rains like mad.
So most of the flood was cleaned up by the time I got here but on wednesday there was a landslide that broke the water pipes, so from Wednesday we have had no water. I have been drinking straight up mud water that looks like coke. It's all good though, cause I've got a stomach of steal. I don't even have the runs. We showered in the airport like hobos once cause we smelt so terrible. And once in the river ocean inlet thing which turned out to be a bad idea cause the water was so dirty we were covered in dirt after.
My fijian gets worse everyday cause I never get to used it. I am picking up some Hindi though and getting really good at speaking broken english to the Indian people. We teach tons of lessons though, so that is good -28 this week. Only two in Fijian though, so I hope I dont forget it.
There are 830+ members here in nadi but only 20 or so come to church, so President officially made us reactivation missionaries. Most lessons are taught to less actives.
We have three progressing investigators we teach though. One in particular I love. They are an Indian family who is coming along so good. Last night we had the most powerful lesson I have ever been in. It was crazy. They are taking everything really well and keep all their commitments to a 'T', even the sixteen year old girls. They fed us some awesome curry last night. Which by the way I love Indian food!! And you eat everything here with your hands and I love it. We are also teaching this guy I like alot who is less active. He is a HUGE guy who played football in America. He makes me look tiny. His arms are as big around as my legs and ripped, but he is a big softy. I hope he starts coming back to church.
So part of why I didn't want to come here is cause I thought it would be all rich snobby people. But holy cow was I wrong. You drive five minutes outside the rich area, and there are the poorest people I have ever met in my life. In one Indian village in particular, they don't have jobs. They just have chickens and goats and ducks, and half duck half chicken things that look crazy. They just live off them. They live in shacks filled with stuff that looks like has been at the dump for a few years. And they are very nice, but so poor.
I am loving it and we're doing some good. It's frustrating though cause it is so relaxed that we get stood up on appointments all the time. We always have our days planned out and it never goes that way. We try to go to our appointments and no one is there so we just teach who we can, when we can. It sucks getting stood up so much. Even by the bishopric and ward mission leaders. Its just not a big deal to them.
So anyways, I am alive and doing great and loving it, so no worries I have adjusted well. Hope you are all doing well.

Love Elder Wall

Tell everyone to send letters and everything to Elder Jake Wall GPO Box 215 Suva, Fiji. I need some stinking letters so tell them to send them.
Love Elder Wall

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