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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

March 2, 2009 Email

An email from the sulu boy! His first line refers to the fact that we all told him he wasn't giving us enough information. I added Kelsi's email at the bottom because he told her about the Hindu people that he is working with.

Wow! Sorry, but apparently my last email was less then appealing to many of my readers haha.

So we are mostly teaching less active members, but we got a few new investigators this week. One lady blew my mind in our lesson yesterday! She came to church not knowing anyone. She just decided to come. So we got her info and went to teach her. She said she has seen our church do good things like flood help, likes it, and wants to join in. She used to be a methodist. So we were trying to teach her, but she seemed very unconcerned. She just keep saying, "I will learn slowly by coming to church. I just need to go."
So we taught her and she said it all sounds good. She started asking about getting a hymn book and a Book of Mormon and stuff like that. Then she said, "Oh yeah, and I am gonna need a calling too, you know so I can get involved help some people and meet the ward?"

I don't know how to take her. I feel like we need to bust our butts and have crazy spiritual lessons before she joins. But i guess it's not what i want. So hopefully that goes good and she is baptized.

We have one guy right now who is an RM we want to be activated and made our ward mission leader cause he is awesome. He came to church, so I am excited.

Our ward mission leader is nuts. He thinks we're retarded cause we're white. He is a pain in the butt to work with, so we're gonna try to get him released.

Our ward is coming along great. We're having good success gaining their trust. In the past I guess no one really liked the Elders but we're coming great. We almost had a fight over who got to feed us this month cause our dinner list was full (not a real fight just bribing each other about who gets to feed us) . It was funny. We eat multiple dinners some nights just to make people happy. You would never believe how much we eat. They get mad if you do not eat enough.

We have one family now, the Shankars, that I am pretty sure we're gonna be baptizing soon. They have been through multiple pairs of elders and sisters, but they told us now that they want to be baptized as a family. Me and Elder Lloyd get along awesome. We're a lot alike and have a lot of fun. Our motto is that if you're not having fun, you're not doing it right.

My Fijian is slowly getting better, but it's tough because I teach maybe three times in a good week in it and thats all it gets used.

We have one little girl who is about to turn eight and be baptized who we teach in Fijian, but her mom said she gets scared when Pilangis ( white people ) speak to she does not understand a whole lot but we're trying. Hindi is so so hard to learn and there is not any resources for it cause it is a wierd dialect- not true Hindi.

We teach lots of lessons and I love it. Not much else to say.

Love you all. Thanks so much.
Elder Wall

There are some cool things about Hinuism such as the colors and temples, but the beliefs are nuts. It is satans church. They pray to crazy eight-armed idols and stuff like that. There is a Hindu temple right across from my flat and they always do crazy chants and stuff; it's freaky.
Satan loves the Hindu religion.

I saw a Hindu wedding one time. It was cool cause of the weird instruments they play and the crazy costumes, but seriously the bride did not even matter. I could not even tell who the bride was; it was all about the groom. And almost all Indian marriages are arranged. They have newspaper sections for marriage adds. It is weird.

We teach about Love marriage and people think we are nuts. Well you look beautiful in your dress. I can't believe my baby sister is all grown up... I don't like it. Well stay strong and make good decisions. Love you.

Elder Wall

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