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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

July 23, 2010 - Problematic Caterpillars

Well this week was interesting. I heard the word Katapila about a million times. So in Taveuni right now, there is a wierd looking sea slug thing that looks like a big catapiller. Apparently it is a Chinese delacacy, because they come buy it from the Fijians to import to China and make tons of money selling them. So EVERYONE is out gathering, cooking, and drying caterpillars to sell for anywhere from 30-100 dollars a Kg. So this week we walked and walked and walked. But did not get a lot of teaching done. It was a little bit depressing, but I am sure things will improve when these stupid catapillars go back to wherever it is they came from. One ward missionary, after lots of walking and no teaching, suggested we go back to the chapel and have a group prayer for Heavenly Father to take away the caterpillars. I was greatly tempted but decided the people needed the money and it was actually a great blessing to them since so many members are using it for their money to go to the temple. So we decided against that.

However one great thing that happened this week was with a boy named Vili. His brother and family are all members of the church and he has been coming to church and activities and taking lessons for a long long time, but has never really progressed much. He is always very very quiet and shy to talk to us and ask questions. Then last week, I made a deal with him that if I came to see him and he hadn't read his chapter from the Book of Mormon, then he had to do push-ups. After three visits of me making fun of him and calling him a girl while doing push ups, he decided he'd better start reading. He has begun reading and has really opened up a lot through asking questions; We are having great lessons! We scheduled August 6th for his baptism. He is a really good kid who just wasn't really sure what it was that he was feeling during church and lessons and wasn't sure how to explain it. He has definitely felt the spirit and said that it is something he has never felt before. I am excited for him! He is doing great.

We also have a girl Diki, who is boarding at a school close to us. She has had lots of baptismal dates in the past but gets cold feet. Diki has had a VERY tough life and rough past with almost no family to support her. But she is doing really well and we have talked with her about being baptized during the two week school break that is coming up. She was embarrassed not to have any family to come pick up her report card at Parents' Day, so we went and got her report card and met with her teachers. It was good and she was very appreciative. Hopefully she will stay confident through her baptism.

Well hopefully this next week involves less walking and more teaching. We are going to be covering the Qeleni area as well this week, so that doubles our amount of people to teach. So hopefully we can stay really busy. Two people from Rabi are going to come over this week so we can finish the lessons and they can be baptized sooner. So that will be fun.

I hope all is well back home. I am praying for you all. I will pray extra hard that Dad can have his surgery and start the path to getting better. Im great just trying to do my best.

Much Love,
Elder Wall

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