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Thursday, August 26, 2010

August 22, 2010 - A New Mountain to Climb

This week was zone conference and it was awesome. Like always, it was a much needed boost and re-motivator. It was announced to us that the church has started a new missionary program. Zone conference will no longer be every six weeks, it will be once a quarter. They have introduced a new eight step program for training missionaries that will work hand in hand with Preach My Gospel. More focus is going to be placed on missionary leaders training the new younger missionaries and the mission president will make special needs training visits to individual areas and missionaries when needed. I am excited for it and think it will really change missionary work and help make better missionaries who can be more effective. It is almost as revolutionary as Preach My Gospel was.

Other than that, we talked a lot in Zone Conference about being fully prepared and using all the tools that we have available to us to do our missionary work. It was really good and I am excited to apply these things to become better.

My interview with President Ostler was pretty crazy as well. He told me about a new assignment that I will be receiving next week. Unfortunately I was sworn to secrecy until it is "official" (whatever that means). So you can all bask in anticipation until next week. He did say that he has been to New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Fiji, Wallis and Futuna, and all over and none of the places he has been to have the same special feeling that the place I will be going has. I am really excited and nervous at the same time. President Ostler has put a lot of trust and confidence in me to send me there, so I just hope I can do all that he wants and expects of me.

On my mission, I feel like at the start, I was looking up at a huge mountain wondering how I would ever climb to the top, then recently I have felt like I was just about to the peak. Now I feel like I have come over the crest just in time to see another huge mountain I am looking up at. It will be good for me though and give me a new challenge and task to keep me busy and working hard to the very end.

Well other than that, things here in Taveuni are going great. We have two baptisms: Diki and Doli, that are going to happen this Sunday, so that will be a really good close to my stay here in Taveuni. It is going to be really sad to go. Taveuni is a wonderful, beautiful place. I am sure my next area will be as well though.

Another highlight of this week was an awesome baptismal interview that I had; this man will be baptized next week. His name is Nasa and he is awesome. I really enjoyed getting to talk to him and getting to know him. He said that through the lessons and the Book of Mormon, he really got to know the Savior. He thought that he knew him before, but he said when he started taking lessons he learned that he didn't, and that through this church he could really come to know him and feel his power. He bore me a solid testimony and is so ready to join the church. He is a great man and I challenged him to help his wife and family accept the gospel as well as soon as he is baptized. He said his goal is to be sealed to his wife and baby girl in one year's time. He is an awesome man who has truly changed and converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ. I really enjoyed my interview with him.

This morning for exercise, we went out and did some farming of Casava with some members; it was great. The best news is that I practiced climbing coconut trees and I am getting really close. With a little bit more practice, I think I will finally be able to do it. So I am really excited about that.

Well that about sums up my week. I am praying for you all. Please keep me in your prayers.
Much Love,
Elder Wall

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