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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

July 16, 2010 - Boat Rides and Coconut Trees

Well sorry about the late email this last week, the internet was down so we are catching up today. Sounds like things are a bit crazy with Dad's new injury. Hope he heals quickly. I will pray for things to work out well.

My week was good. Busy but good. I went on exchanges with an elder in my district, Elder Olson. We were checking out this area called Wainiyaku. We are thinking about opening an annex there for the members cause it is far travel for them to come to church. The people we met were great and it was a good trip. There are lots of coconut tree plantations down there. For miles and miles, there are just thousands and thousands of coconut trees... an unlimited supply; that was fun to see.

We also had a really lesson with a girl who had been taking lessons for a long time but not really progressed. During the lesson, she was not paying too much attention and didn't seem to care too much. So I used the genes I have from my father and gave her a good lecture. Ha ha! I told her how it is the most important decision she will ever make and she better get serious about it. I was actually worried about offending her a little bit cause I really tore into her for a bit. But I ended with testimony and it ended up working cause she came to church and has began to progress. I was really happy to hear that.

We had Zone Conference this week, so half of the week we spent in Labasa or traveling there. It is a long two and a half hour boat ride, then a five and a half hour bus ride through the bush of Vanua Levu. I would like to tell you it was enjoyable, but it was not; it was very crowded and bumpy. Plus our bus was missing a window and it happened to be pouring rain and I happened to sit by it, so it was not a very fun bus ride at all. The seas were really rough during the ride and made for an interesting experience. All in a days work eh? It was nice to be back though.

I really want to have more time to focus on our area but we have been so busy lately. We actually just got back from Rabi today, so this week was not in our area either. you will have to wait until Monday though to hear those adventures. I really hope we can get some time to spend working with out investigators and members. Things are going well. We dont have enough elders in the mission, so for one month until new elders come in, the Qeleni area will be closed and we will cover both area's. So these next two weeks, we are going to be going on lots of splits trying to learn the area and investigators in Qeleni. So I am staying very busy but that is a good thing.

Zone Conference was amazing as always and I learned so much and am excited to be able to be that much better at being a missionary and trying to apply what we learned so I can improve. President Ostler is amazing and always seems to say excactly what I need to hear. Well I think that covers my week. I love you all. Hope things are good and getting better. Dad, get well soon!

Elder Wall

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