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Thursday, December 3, 2009

November 29, 2009 E-mail

Well this week was pretty darn good. Went super fast but that usually is a good thing cause it means we were busy. Which we were. We have a family who is moving to Gau, an outer island with no church there yet. We have been trying to set up to have them begin a unit out there and hopefully the church can start growing out there. We are baptizing their son on Wednesday which should be good, then we have to meet with President Ostler about the unit.
We got a whole bunch of new investigators this week and had some great first lessons with them. In one lesson, as soon as I handed them the BOM, they opened and started reading. I hope that willingness to learn are read continues.

Vilikesa, whose mother does not seem to be to fond of us, told him he is no longer allowed to go to church with us. Then when she saw that we kept coming back to meet with him, she said he wasn't allowed to meet with us. I am not sure, but I think he snuck out and we ended up teaching him just outside of our flat on the ground. It was an awesome lesson and I was prompted to ask him about how the holy ghost works. He said he didn't know and that he had only seen the people stand up in front of the church and start convulsing and speaking in tongues, so he thought that when we said he would receive conformation from the Holy Ghost about the things we share, that was gonna happen to him. So we taught about the fruits of the Holy Ghost and he just lit up and was shocked that anyone can feel the holy ghost not just the people that the talatala's say are feeling it. Then he told us that when he meets with us and went to church with us last week, he felt different. So things are going very well with him however his mother thinks we're converting him to satanism...I'm sure that is what her talatala tells her. I think the kid is 18; let him pick for himself, but thats not the culture here. Oh well, things are going good though.

I found out the Nalila's from Rakiraki are going to be sealed in the temple this thursday and I get to go be there. I am so excited I can't wait. I am gonna cry like a nine year old little girl. Maybe not... we will see.

I hope you all are doing great. I am doing pretty good. Christmas party is this week and all the missionaries from the whole mission are coming in so it is gonna be very fun. Love you all.

Elder Wall

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