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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

December 6, 2009 E-mail... 1 year and counting

Well this past week was incredible. My one year mark, Christmas party, and temple sealing. It is hard to really look back on it all and describe it.
Thursday we had training from President Callister, the area president. It was amazing! Like always, when in the presence of a GA, the spirit was so strong and I have so much motivation to do better and be better. Two quotes from him I loved that I want to share:
#1 "This gospel is not about changing your behavior, it is about changing your nature."
#2 (in reference to unanswered questions of the gospel) "Don't give up the 95% that we have and know, for the 5% we are not sure about."
It was awesome and he is a great guy. We had a big question answer and training with him.

Then after that, all ten of the missionaries who have taught the Nalila's from Rakiraki, all got to go and do a session with them and watch them be sealed. It was incredible; by far the best experiance of my mission so far; so powerful and they were so happy. They had such true love and gratitude to each and every one of us elders. It made me feel so useful and accomplished as a missionary. All the hell I went through in Rakiraki was worth it at the moment I hugged them and heard the gratitude in their voices. I loved it so so much. That was exactly what missionary work and being a missionary is all about; watching a family enter the temple, make sacred covenants with god, and be sealed for time and all eternity. I will never forget that day, which happened to fall exactly on my one year mark. It was the best way possible to conclude the first year of my mission.

Then the next day, we had sports day and had the hugest football game ever. It was a lot of fun. Then that night we had the Talent Show and party; it was great. My district learned a Meke traditional dance for the Talent show. The music kept cutting out so that threw us off, but it was still good. We didn't win though.

Saturday was our combined Zone Conference and it was really good. I love President and Sister Ostler and they always seem to train on exactly what I need to hear; it was great. Elder Lloyd gave his closing testimony and it was really hard. I can't believe he is already going home. It seems like yesterday we were in Nadi talking about the one year he had left and now it's me that has a year left. It is kind of an eye opener to me how fast the mission goes.

Sunday we had a missionary christmas fireside which went well and we had a really good turnout.

Well I hope all your weeks were half as good as mine. Merry Christmas! Enjoy the cold. I am sweating to death.

Elder Wall

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