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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

December 13, 2009 E-mail

Well this week was very good. We stayed really busy, which was a surprise to me.

In Fiji, it is the tradition to go home to your village for Christmas. So a huge chunk of our teaching pool won't be back until after the new year; but we still managed to have a great week.

Two kids, 12 and 14, Petaia and Talina, have been coming to church every week for the past six months, but their parents haven't let them take lessons. Well their older brother got his mission call and it softened the parents' hearts so now they are allowed to be taught and want to be baptized. So they are great, but they left Saturday for the village and Christmas there. As soon as they get back though, we're going to baptized them.

One other girl Sulu, who lives with a member, has been going very very well and I challenged her to pray about baptism. I am confident that she will be baptized really soon here.

We also have another young man Luke, who is going great and came to church again. I am excited to see how things go with him. His family members are also potential investigators. They came to our ward Christmas party. So the work has really picked up here and just as the pattern of my mission so far, things should be really good right after I get transferred. It's okay though.

As for transfers, not yet. I think it will be right before elder Lloyd leaves the first of January. I don't know though. We will see how it goes.

We had a missionary fireside that went really well. President Ostler spoke and it was awesome. We started with only about 15 people, but by the end I think we were pushing about 40. Everyone loved it and we got some new referrals.

Well I hope all of yours week was as good as mine. Have a great week this next week. thanks love you all and talk to you soon.

Oh yeah, it is raining like crazy and strong wind; there is a typhoon warning but its okay I live up at the highest part, so its all good. No worries.
Love you all,
Moce Loloma Levu,
Elda Lalaga

You will never believe me, but I am actually a clean freak. Elder Lloyd and me kept are flat very clean and I loved it. Then I got transferred to Rakiraki with mushrooms growing in the shower. I hate living in filth. I have cleaned the crap out of our flat now and it is half way okay. But I have learned how bad living in disgusting places is.

I got grandma's package. and it was awesome. I thought I sent a thank you letter. If not, tell her thanks for me. It was great.

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