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Monday, August 31, 2009

August 30, 2009 E-mail

This week was really good. Two elders Logsdon and Cadogan are staying with us in a foursome while they wait for the boat to Rotuma, so we were on splits everyday with them. We switched back and forth from the Wailoku and Tamavua wards.

We also had Zone Conference, which was awesome as always. We had really good spiritual trainings and it was awesome getting to see all the other missionaries. Interviews with the President went really well also.

One of our investigators in Wailoku is a cute little 11 year old girl named Kini. Her father had a stroke the first part of this year and can't speak or really do anything. So we went and did service there. We cleared and weeded their plantation so they can have food to eat. It went really well. I really hope her whole family will come around and let us teach them and baptize them. We always have her sit in on the lessons so she can hear and feel the spirit, so we will keep working with that.

Jone (15) is coming really well and we had an awesome lesson where his dad came and sat in. He was asking tons of really good questions. We invited the whole family to church, but only Jone came.

Rusilla has been coming to church lately, so we set her baptismal interview for this week. Next week, she will be baptized. I am really excited. She is very strong and has a solid testimony. I now hope that she will be able to activate her less active husband.

We also taught a recent convert who is the only member in his family. He came alone faithfully, but we're trying to work with him to get his family to join. I think they are just lazy though and don't want to come to church.

We went to a cool waterfall early today which was fun, but other then that it about sums up my week. Things are going well and time is flying. I can't belive this week I will hit my nine month mark! It is going so fast.

Well I love you all and hope you have a great week. Thanks for all the love support and prayers. I need it.

Elder Wall

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