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Monday, August 3, 2009

August 2, 2009 E-mail & Pictures

This is Jake's arm as the infection from the bug bite started spreading. For additional information, see his previous e-mails regarding his last visit to the hospital.

Here is the bug bite. Bleck.

.... Recognize this guy?

Today is my eight month mark on my mission. It is crazy. I can't believe how quickly it has gone, but it is going very well.
This week was a pretty good week. Things didn't really go the way we had planned, but we were able to still get some good things done. I got to know the wards a little bit better.

Wailoku ward is struggling a little bit they are having some problems with the ward members and contention, but things are getting better hopefully. We had a really good conversation with the Bishop. He is awesome and willing to do what it takes, so we're gonna be working with him and doing some good things.
In Tamavua Ward, things are going well. We got a new ward mission leader who is awesome and lucky for me, wants to concentrate on recent converts and less actives, which is exactly what I want to do. So it's gonna be good.

I don't know if I mentioned this before or not, but we help and teach every week at mission prep class. I laugh cause all the things I didn't do before my mission that I should have, I now not only have to go, to but I teach it-- Seminary, Institute, Mission Prep...I think it's funny. They have a saying here for that goes like this, "Pote Kemu Maleka." Basically it means, 'I eat what I deserve'. I love mission prep and stuff though, so I don't care, it's good.

Me and Elder Smiler are great. we're working hard and improving. He is picking up Fijian very quickly, much faster then I did. He knows Mauri, so I think that is helping out a lot. We're building some good new habits for his mission and breaking some bad old ones. I like training so far although some things are hard. We had a really good experiance with a less active this week.
We had some fall throughs so I decided we were gonna see some LA's. We went to this family and usually the husband doesn't want to sit with us for a lesson, but he did. He said that they were reading about the temple (we gave them a preparing to enter the temple pamplet) and having a spiritual experience, then they decided they wanted the elders to come visit them so they prayed we would come and then we came.

Bro Laitia cried when I asked him to bear his testimony and said he was touched that we would come here and learn his language and his culture and serve his people. He then bore good testimony. It was an awesome experience. He didn't make it to church but his family did.

We also had an awesome lesson last night. After mission prep, I told three future missionaries from our ward that preparation time was over and they were coming with us for the real thing. They were scared and wouldn't teach, but came and bore awesome testimony. It was a really powerful lesson with crazy spirit. I think it is one of the best lessons I have taught in Fijian. It didn't feel like I was speaking Fijian; I was just talking and it came out fijian. It was cool.

A young lady named Taravini read the reading assignment we gave her and picked out some awesome things she liked to share with us. I asked her if she believed the things that we taught and she said yes and then started bawling and bearing testimony that she knows the church is true and she wants to change her life. So I challenged her for baptism. I am pretty sure she will be baptized. Were going back tonight to figure things out cause she has a kid and lives with a guy. But last night she told me that it is her kid but it didn't come from her womb and that the guy she lives with is her cousin. But they seem really friendly to me to be cousins.
We will see.

Well it has been a good week and I hope for a better one next week. Love yall and miss yall... Thanks for the prayers they are working.

Elder Wall

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