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Thursday, August 20, 2009

August 16, 2009 E-mail

Wow this week was great. We got a bunch of baptismal dates and commitments set and had a baptismal interview that went awesome, so now Saturday, we have a baptism. It is gonna be awesome. We have been getting tons of referrals too. So many that we have not had time to meet with them all. We are gonna talk to President about splitting the wards into two areas cause we're going crazy trying to fit everyone in. But it is good.

One really good thing that happened this week is we had one investigator who came back from his village in the jungle and was gonna ask us to stop coming cause his strong methodist family convinced him to stay methodist, but we had an awesome lesson with him. He decided he changed his mind and wanted us to come back again. Then the next time we came, he asked us if he could be baptized and bore a crazy good testimony to us. It was awesome. So we set a date for him. It is gonna be really good.

Then we went back to one of the referrals we talked to last week and he had read the introduction to the BOM and all the way up to 2 Nephi! He described perfeclty the story of Lehi and his family leaving Jerusalem and going back for the brass plates, then building a boat and coming to America. And how he knows that Jerusalem was really and truly destroyed. Then he asked about how the intro tells of Christ visiting the Nephites, so we talked about that too. We tried to teach a lesson, but he just kept having all these awesome questions and we spent like three hours answering questions and reading scriptures. It was really cool. He was amazed and so happy when we told him about a living prophet today. He also asked about temple work and work for the dead and his face lit up when we told him. He said, "that way all people have an opportunity to accept Christ." It was awesome; the best part all of this was my ability to speak Fijian. It was amazing! I just flowed with words explaining deep doctrinal things. I was definitely experiencing the gift of tongues cause I was speaking on a much higher language level than I am capable of on my own.

We also had a really good ward activity and ward conference in Wailoku ward and the chapel was overflowing! We were really busy and it was a tiring week, but it was awesome. That's about all I got now. So I love you all and have a wonderful day. I will be sure to do the same.

Elder Wall

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