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Friday, September 11, 2009

September 6, 2009 E-mail

Happy Fathers Day all you dads. Yesterday was fathers day in Fiji so, for the one I missed in America, I hope this makes up for it! Well this week was good but really frustrating at times. It is ok though, cause this next week is gonna be much better.

So when I first got to this area, Wailoku was dead and Tamavua was on fire. But I like Wailoku more cause it is in the bush. So we spend most our time there. Which in result, things have really picked up and been doing good.

Things in Tamavua have kind of slacked off. All of our investigators are not keeping their commitments so I guess I need to find a better balance. But in Wailoku we got an awesome new investigator, Venina, who is 18 and takes notes during lessons and reads everything we give. She is always highlighting and writing down questions; she is awesome!

Jone's dad is reading everything even though he is always working so we can't meet with him. He has lots of questions so we're trying to arrange a time to meet with him, so their whole family could accept the gospel together. But Jone is doing awesome and has some great friends in the ward, so that is really good.

Kini's mom has agreed to sit down and take the lessons with us. I really think it is because of the service we did. I think it softened her heart, so I hope that works out well. I love their family.

Rusila frustrated the crap out of me. She decided to work when we were supposed to do her baptismal interview and said she was too tired to come to church, so we had to put off her baptismal date. I guess we will just have to keep working with her try to get her back to where she needs to be.

We spent all day wading through rivers flowing through the street yesterday cause it rained non-stop, day and night. So that was no fun. But we walked and walked and froze our butts off and ended up with a pretty good day.

The Bishop and Elders Qurom president have been working hard with us and it is making huge differences in Wailoku! Things are going really good. That about sums up my week.

Oh! I got a parking ticket and then went and talked to the courthouse guy in Fijian and got it cleared for knowing Fijian, so that was cool.

Well love you all and talk to you again next week.

-Elder Wall

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