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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

May 3, 2009 E-mail

Well it has been an awesome week. We were in Suva Monday, Tuesday, and then left Wednesday morning. I don't really like Suva that much. It's too much like America and it's not real Fiji. I would much rather just be in the villages. But we stayed in the brand new temple patron housing they built, which was amazingly fancy. I got hot showers and a mattress, not a foam pad. It was cool.

We got to go to the temple Tuesday morning at 5:00 it was awesome! I love the temple! It has been way too long since I have gone. I miss it. It is a very small temple, but very beautiful. It is on the top of the mountain and you can see it from way far away.

Monday we had a combined zone conference with all the missionaries in Fiji, which was way cool. I got to see all my old MTC friends.

Tuesday we got to hear from ELder Richard G Scott. That man is unreal. He will always hold a special spot with me now. He gave us the most spiritual meeting ever and taught us a lot. The man is a genious and qoutes scripture perfect like it is nothing. The senior missionaries and the president and his wife did a temple session with him. I am very jealous of that. But when he was coming out, I chased him down and got my picture with his arm around me. It was way cool. I love that man.

Wednesday we went to Nadi and I did splits with the Nadi elders untill the stake fireside with Elder Scott. It was awesome to see my old area. All the people still love me and were so excited when I visited them. It was awesome.

The fireside was good too, very spiritual. He is a funny man and joked a lot, which is something the Fijians love, so they liked him.

Then we got back here to Rakiraki on Thursday. Things here are good.

In Suva we were informed that the area is being closed at the end of the month because of some BIG problems the branch has been having. The Branch is probably also going to be closed. We don't have an exact day we're leaving, but they said the end of the month. I think it will be the 19th, cause there is a group going home that day and some changes are going to be made. People are very sad that we are leaving and two of them told us they want us to baptize them before we go. Miti and Keresi. I feel bad baptizing them into inactivity because their branch is being closed, but we can't say, "No. Sorry, you can't be baptized and have eternal salvation." So we set Miti's date for the 17th.

Yesterday Miti brought his less active wife to church and was wearing the white shirt and tie we gave him. He looked awesome. His wife also got all fancied up and they looked so good. When they walked in with Keresi and I saw them, I felt so much joy! It was awesome. I love them very much.

Well Happy Birthday Kelsi and Preston! And Happy upcoming Mother's Day all you mothers.

Love you all thanks so much for the love and support. It means a lot.

Elder Wall

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