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Saturday, May 23, 2009

May 17, 2009 Email

**Disclaimer: The following message was lost due to computer tantrums. I am typing from a PDF version, so I'd like to apologize in advance for any typing errors.

*There was no email from Jake on May 10, since we spent the majority of our time talking to him on WEBCAM! Technology is amazing! He is looking great by the way. And with that, I'll leave you in peace and let you read Jake's email.

Well it has been an interesting week with some highs and some lows. Firt off, I am still in Rakiraki. It is a shock to everyone. I guess the stake president had a meeting with the mission president and decided that the elders were no longer going to be pulled out. Since we have more going home and none coming in, two areas were shut down. Everyone thought it would be Rakiraki for sure, but instead they closed an area that was going really well. I have no clue why. I hope that means the stake is going to make some changes in the branch, because something has to happen. If they change the Branch President, really good things will happen though, cause the area has tons of potential. I love the people so so much.

We had two baptisms Saturday. It was awesome! My first baptism, and also the first in Rakiraki since October! They both asked me to perform the baptisms. We dd it in a pool at the Tanoa Hotel in Rakraki, which was way cool. It went really well; no one was around and we had it to ourselves. It was abeautiful place. It felt really good. Both of them, Miti and Keresi, were very excited and ready. They are both really excited right now about being members and helping the branch, so that is really good.

Miti went fishing and had a really good catch and when they came back, he told his wife that they are church members now and need to share, so they went and distributed their catch among the village. He also told his wife that they needed to fast since they did not at the first of the month. He is so awesome!

Keresi is also amazing and told us she was really negative about the church and that when her sister Amelia (an RM and the only strong, faithful member of the branch) talked her into taking the lessons, praying, and fasting, she was not very happy that she had agreed to it. She said that when we came into her house, she felt a light and a happiness enter her home and her heart. She bore a very strong testimony. It was cool to hear her because she would testify about something and I would just sit back and say, "Hey, I taught her that." It felt really good. Especially since I wasn't always sure if she could understand my Fijian.

Then church yesterday was awesome too. We had almost thirty people there. One less active family, a family of twelve, all came back and it was very cool. We had some senior couples who were very good, come and give awesome talks. The spirit was very strong. A lot of the members told me they didn't want to leave and they all stayed at the chapel talking and socializing for an hour after church.

We also dedicated a home of some recent converts from the last baptism in October. That was a cool experience.

My Fijian is coming okay. Somedays are definitely better than others.

Oh! Mom, I'm sorry I couldn't recite the first vision for you. Things are different for missionaries now that we don't memorize the discussions.

Well I think that about covers it. I love you all very much! Keep it coming. I really need it during these... interesting times. I miss you and talking to you was great! Stay strong and pray hard.

Elda Lalaga

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