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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

April 26, 2009 E-mail

** Sorry for my tardiness with these new letters. Jake's blogpost got a little caught up with finals. Anyway, better late than never, right? Here we go:

Man it was a pretty good week. Slow for the first part. Miti is coming along good, but we're scared to give him a baptismal date because the last one ran away. Plus, I am reluctant to baptize him into a failing branch. I have a meeting with President Ostler today or tomorrow and we are gonna talk about it. I hope we can figure a way to help our branch because it is in a terrible place right now.

Saturday we went up to Saioko again. This trip was much more enjoyable than the last. It is the most beautiful place ever! We went up for the funeral of the old branch President who also happens to be the chief. There was tons of people there. We ate ridiculas amounts of food and
had a good party. It was his 100 day celebration, which is a party that means mourning is over'; he has been dead 100 days, so it is time to celebrate. It was fun. I climbed a water fall too and also a coconut tree halfway... then I got scared. But we had a great time.

The people there are amazing and the new branch President, the old ones son, is the chief, and I
love the man. He is awesome. So we did that and attended sacrament. The branch is
strong and lots of people were there. We also did a baptized a little girl named Laiku. She is awesome!

I gave a talk in sacrament and all the people told me how much my Fijian has improved since the last time, so that was cool to hear.

We slept on the ibe, or grass woven mat. It was okay, got eaten alive by mosquitos though cause I forgot my spray. The place is amazingly beautiful there. Some day when I am not a missionary, I am gonna go back and jump off the water falls. It looks fun.

Today we had combined zone conference and tommorrow we go to the temple and hear from Elder Richard G. Scott. His plane was cancelled, so we're not sure when he is gonna get here and when and who is going to hear from him, but the missionaries will for sure. I am very excited.

We are staying in the brand new building. It is so nice. I slept on a real mattress and took a warm shower; two firsts so far for my mission. It was nice.

I got the bike stuff and battery stuff. Thanks so much! It is awesome.

Well I am out of things to say. I love you all. Thanks so much!
Elder Wall

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