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Thursday, May 28, 2009

May 27, 2008 E-mail

Hey Family & Friends!

So... the longest four days of my life are now over. I spent four days in the same room and same bed, with no TV or any form of entertainment, and just about went nuts. I assume everyone knows that I have staph infection, because they called my mom and told her, which now means that the greater part of the Western United States knows about it.

I got a bug bite that turned into a boil, which turned into a large large swelling named cellulytices or something like that. Sunday morning, I woke up and my forearm was bigger then my bicep, but I decided I would deal with it after church.

Then while blessing the Sacramen,t I got really hot and sweaty and dizzy blurry vision, ect... So we went to RakiRaki hospital, which had only one nurse, no doctor, and a lot of sick people. So we called the disrict leader to come pick us up and take me again to the Suva hospital; long, boring drive again.

When I first got here, they gave me an injection of antibiotics and said to come back every morning and night for more. So we left to stay with some Suva elders. By about one in the morning, my forearm was slightly smaller then my thigh and my hand had turned white and ice cold because it had no circulation. So we went back to the hospital and I was admitted and put on IV antibiotics.

I stayed there for four days alone with very little sleep and nothing to do at all. But I am alive with a semi-normal sized forearm and feeling good, so Mom -stop worrying. Now for the missionary work part.

We had another really good week. We did not have as many people as last week and due to our branch president and a lack of leadership, the meeting was not quite as good as last week but it was still good. The stake presidency came and made Elder Cokanauto the first counselor and me the Branch clerk, so hopefully we can make some things start happening in the branch. We have also been informed that the Branch Pres has been told to get out of the chapel. Which if he does, then I bet he will never come back to church since his free ride will be gone. I hope this is the case, but we will see.

We also are working on planning an activity in Rakiraki, which will be the first activity in literally years; my guess is six (since the branch president was put in). So I hope that we can have some success in building an actual functioning branch. Keep praying for us. We need your help.

Love you all and thanks so much stay strong.

Elder Wall

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