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Monday, March 16, 2009

March 15, 2009 Email

So good news on the mushrooms...went to the doctor got some pills and cream and they should be gone in six weeks. They are getting better already!

Apparently this brand of soap and powder stuff we have been using is no good and makes you prone to grow them. (plus im white) so I stopped using it and it is looking good.

Scabbies: been there done that already. They have awesome scabbies cream that killed them in like two days. Hemrhoids were also taken care of with a cream. I am doing fine stop worrying!!!

So I got some huge very surprising news. I got transfered. I am going to Rakiraki. My new companion is Fijian Elder Cokenauto. Fijian elders take all your stuff. There is no such thing as stealing; two pairs of shoes already got taken.

Bad part is, it has a reputation for being the armpit of the West. It has a very disfunctional branch. Guess I got my work cut out for me. However I am probably gonna get real good at Fijian cause that is all they speak- not much English. I leave tomorrow morning.

It is really sad to leave people and a companion I love. Plus we were just begining to be succesful and have good things happen. Oh well. I guess the Lord has different plans then mine. I thought I would be in Nadi forever. So pry don't send things to Nadi anymore. Pry wont get to me for a while if you do.

Well this week I had the hardest experience of my mission yet. One family clearly did not care anymore about progressing so we had to say bye to them and it tore my heart out. I love them very much. Maybe someone else can finish teaching them another time.

Zone conference was really good. President Ostler is such a great man. Our ward mission leader freaked out and said we were terrible missionaries because we have not been getting baptisms and he was calling president. President told him the same thing we did, which is that we're supposed to focus on less actives and gave him a really good ear full so that is cool. Other then that not a ton happened.

We began running on the beach for morning excercise time (it used to be lay on the couch and listen to mo-tab time). I almost died, so fat and out of shape. I am also getting really good at chopping cocunuts. We bought a sele and have been practicing and drinking lots of bu the milk.

Well I will let you know next week how rakiraki is. I hear the branch president is a real wack job and I am gonna have some awesome stories, so that will be fun.

Thanks for the love.

P.S. Rakiraki is supposedly the hottest part of Fiji. Lucky me. And it is a walking area.

Love Elder Wall (Lalaga)

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