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Monday, March 9, 2009

March 8, 2009 Email

Hey everyone,

It was a great week. Bad news first: I have mushrooms! Apparently you get them from sitting on dirty ground and being in the humidity. They grow in the damp dark secluded areas, so I will let you figure that one out. A lot of Elders have them and they don't go away till you go home to dryness and stop sitting it dirty places. One elder got rid of them though, so I am trying the anti-fungal cream and such. Great week though.

I love Sundays. They are like pay day on the mission. I think we broke a new record yesterday with investigators at church. We had 10; it was so awesome! I love it. You feel so good to see them there.

We also have been having tons of success working with the ward. We have gained their trust and they like us. I guess the ward has hated the last few sets of elders. So i am very happy.
Bad thing is though, EVERYONE wants to feed us. We eat 2-3 dinners every night (curry almost every meal) and they get mad it you do not eat enough. It is killing me. Good though.
Our focus on the ward has paid off as far as investigators. Also, people have just been coming up from all over and we have lots of new investigators. It is awesome. I love it.

We have Zone Conference tomorrow and it's gonna be cool. I am very excited.

Richard G Scott is coming here at the end of april to dedicate a building, do a missionary conference, and a fireside in our chapel. I am so excited.
My fijian is getting a little bit better, but very slowly.

I am doing good in Hindi too. The people think it is so cool when you can say anything in Hindi.
I don't know if any of the Hindi things you sent will help cause they don't speak true Hini. It is called Indo-Fijian or something like that, hopefully it does though.

Well I am doing great and I love ya'll. Thanks so much. Keep writing.

Elder Wall ( Elder Lalaga ) that is wall in Fijian and the members think it is hilarious to call me that.

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