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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

February 14, 2010 E-mail

Part 2 of the Rat Saga:

Well first thing's first: I was reading in 2 Nephi 31 and read that you must be baptized by fire, so we bought some rat glue, caught the rat, and I baptized him by fire. So I am definitely doing work saving souls. I am pretty sure that rat is not going to be meeting me again in the kingdoms of heaven.

Anyway we had a great week, but it was really busy. We had great success with the family of six. We met them on the road and were talking to them and they said, "Not this Saturday but next Saturday, you're going to baptize us there," and pointed to the beach; so that was really cool to hear. We still have some things to work with them with and make sure that they are really prepared, but the plan is for the first or second week in March. There are six of them, plus a small baby, so we will more then double the membership in our unit. It will be great.

Mom, you asked about grocery stores. Nope, at the post office and a couple little hole in the wall shops they sell the basics like flour sugar and such. Every Friday there is a market that the people bring in fresh fruits and vegetables to from their farms and we buy that. We also have a lot of people give us fresh food from their farms and sometimes they give us fresh fish they catch. My companion is an amazing cook and can make good food from nothing, so I am eating well.

We have been having tons and tons of people tell us that they want us to come and teach them, but we're struggling with trying to figure out who gets the opportunity to hear the gospel and who doesn't, because we only have so much time and so much money for transportation and most of the villages are very far away.

We walked to one of the villages that we go to usually on the boat because we couldn't find anyone to take us. Holy Cow was it crazy. We had to walk over like two big mountain peaks and go deep into the interior of the island and then back out to the coast; it was crazy and we're never doing it again. I thought I was gonna die. It was a million degrees with no water, and just up and down and up and down. Luckily we got a ride home. We also tried to make a short cut to one of the families we go see and did some trail blazing through the jungle; that was an adventure.

We are having a combined family home evening tonight and have some people from the other side of the island coming over for it, so that should be really fun and really good for the work. I am excited. Wednesday through Monday this coming week, we are going over to Kavala, the branch on the other side of the island. I have never been there yet so it should be really fun. It is a six hour boat ride to get there so I am not really excited for that, but we have a baptism waiting for us over there.

Well we have been working hard, we're super busy, and we are gonna be really busy this next week as well, so things are going good.

Much love and have a good week and a Happy Valentines Day.

Loloma Levu,
Elda Lalaga

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