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Thursday, January 21, 2010

January 17, 2010 E-mail

Well this was an Awesome week! Luke's baptism was Saturday and it went really well. We had a good turn out and he has so many close friends in the ward to support him. I am confident that he will remain a strong member. His sister is now interested and has told us that she would like to take lessons. His mother came to both the baptism and confirmation and seemed to enjoy church, so I really see some good potential for future teaching.

Oliniva and Petaia both passed their baptismal interview and will be baptized this Saturday. Their mother has also been sitting in on lessons and has agreed that we can teach her after the baptism. She is the only one in her family who is not a member and when I was in Tavua, we taught her family there. So that too opens doors for the future.

We have the best investigators right now named Meli and Milikal; they are a younger couple who said he was capitan of the ship but didn't know where to steer it. We had an incredible lesson with him and taught the plan of salvation when we talked about Adam and Eve, he read 2 Nephi 2:25 like ten times and lit up like I have never seen anyone light up before. He just kept saying over and over anain, "oqo na neirau lotu" this is our church. He was so happy because he had been taught all his life how bad the fall was and how evil Adam and Eve were, and that now he understands and sees that it was all necessary and important to bring about the purposes of God. They were supposed to go back to the Koro (village), but cancelled their trip because the wanted to go to church and learn more. So I am very excited about them and their progress. They truly have been prepared and waiting for the truth. They are great.

We had an awesome attendance at church yesterday as well. The break is over and school is ready to start again, so every one is coming back from the islands and villages and we're gonna be really busy again.

Things are well and I am so excited to hear from D. Todd Christopherson. We get a two hour missionary conference with him on Friday morning. It is going to be awesome.

Well that was my week. I hope you all had as great of a week as I did.

Oh! More good news: after being sick for a couple days and the past couple weeks of waking up at six and playing football in the mornings, I can officially button up the collar on my 17.5 shirts again. YES!!!

Have a great week.

Much Love,

Elder Wall

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