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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

January 10, 2010 E-mail

Note: Jake refers to grog in his email. In a letter to Kelsi this is how he explained grog

"It is a cultural drink that looks like (and I hear tastes like) mud. It is also called kava, yagona, waka it has a lot of names. What it is is a plant that they pound up and mix with water. When you drink it you get 'drunk', but its different than drunk on alcohol. Its a huge problem in Fiji. Originally it was for ceremonies and very formal. Only two cups which wasn't enough to get you drunk, and only on special occasions.. Weddings, funerals, and few other ceremonies. But now people have changed it and they abuse it. Drink it all night every night. Its bad the church won't officially say its against the Word of Wisdom and members can't drink it. But Elder Richard G Scott came and told everyone not to drink it and that it is against the Word of Wisdom. But everyone still drinks it. Its a big problem with the church in Fiji."

We heard from some friends that the people sometimes pass out and sleep for a couple of days after drinking it. Kind of like a stupor.

Well this week was pretty good. I hear all this complaining about ice and cold and can think of nothing but sweat and heat. I think this week was the hottest week so far this summer. It was blazing all week long. Luckily the New Years water fights are still going on, so I had some water to cool me down a couple times. Ha ha.

Luke is progressing awesomely and passed his baptismal interview, so this Saturday, we are going to be baptizing him. I am very excited about that and think he will be great for the church because he has a strong member family he is really close with to help him along. I was kind of worried about his view on grog but he said he doesn't drink it cause it makes everyone lazy then they don't do their job. That was a relief to me.

We also have two other investigators Olinivi and Petaia, who will be baptized next week and we will be interviewing them this week. They are really good. We also had a new investigator this week who I am really excited about. He told us he has been a member of the methodist church for 37 years and it has never helped him in his life so he is looking for something new. He said him and his family are like a ship and he is the capitan. But he doesn't know where to steer the ship. So I have really high hopes for them in the coming weeks.

Next week, D. Todd Christopherson is coming to Fiji so we get to have a conference with him. I am not sure why so many apostles and prophets have been coming to Fiji lately, but I love it and am to excited to hear from another apostle.

Well that about wraps up my week. I hope all of you had great weeks and this next week will be awesome for you as well.

Love you all. Moce.
Loloma Levu
Elda Lalaga

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