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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

January 3, 2010 E-mail

Transfers came and went and I am still in Tamavua, so I think I might be serving here till I go home ha ha. Other than that, this week was really really good.

Sulu and Nolani were baptized on Saturday and it went awesome. The baptismal service was awesome with great talks, testimonies, and lots of ward members came out to support them. It was really great to see. After the baptism, they took us out to eat at a place called the Rain Tree Lodge (they are a loaded family --one of the very very few in Fiji). It was great food and really pretty right in the middle of the jungle and on the edge of this lake; it was sweet.

Other than that, the week was pretty slow. Not too many people home. People stay out in the villages until school starts again, like the 26th I think.

New Years was cool. They shoot bamboo canons that are awesome and throw water on each other. It goes for about a week or two till the chief declares it enough. I am in the City so there hasn't been too much fun like that going on, but a little bit.

Luke talked to his parents and they have allowed him to be baptized, so on the 16th, we are going to be baptizing him. Which will be good. He is really progressing well and he is very good with reading the Book of Mormon.

We have some less active members who have been struggling with a lot of Word of Wisdom problems. We had a great lesson with them and set new years resolutions for them to come back to church and start following the Word of Wisdom. Hopefully they will keep their commitments ,but I really feel like they are struggling.

The ward is struggling a little bit. We have no priesthood holders to fill callings; they all keep missing church and being unreliable. We're gonna have to do some work with them. We have a lot of baptisms in the near future though, so that will mean for the next few weeks being pretty busy. That is a good thing though. The past couple weeks have been pretty slow at times.

Well I am doing well and I am glad to hear that you all so fun in Florida , I hope the rest of you had a merry christmas and a happy new year.

Much Love,
Elder Lalaga
(lah-lah-ng-ah) hearing your pronunciation on the phone was hilarious.

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