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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

November 15 E-mail plus a note from Mom

This past week we had the privilege of meeting 3 members from Fiji at the airport who were on their way to the MTC to serve missions in Oakland CA. It was incredible and they were way cute! Two of them came to our house and then we took them to the MTC the next morning. I asked them if Jake was fat and they laughed and said yes. That is what Jake is referring to in his email. The Fijian people are tall, but slender, not big like the Tongans and Samoans. They loved Jake and he loved them and it was a great experience to have them in our home.

Well like the Elders told you, I am fat. But that is going to hopefully get better soon, we found out were losing our car. So I am giong to be walking again and maybe I will lose some pounds. Most likely not though. I eat way too much to lose anything. This past week was awesome though.

President Uchtdorf came and we had a special missionary fireside on Tuesday, which was awesome. He didn't get to stay as long as Elder Scott did, so we didn't get to have a question and answer session. But he still gave an amazing talk and it was incredible to meet him. He is way funny and his wife is hilarious, she asked us what we were uder our skirts or if were like the Scotts and dont wear anything underneath. It was so funny. They are great, and again I am amazed and will never forget the feeling of being so close to such wonderful men of god and being uplifted by their words. He spoke a lot about strengthening ourselves and our testimonies, not just that of our investigators and being sure that we do everything that we can and have no regrets. It was great.

We had a fireside tuesday night and tons of people were there. He spoke a lot about families and the importance and also how much tithing will bless them even when times are rough if they just pay a few cents here and there. Then Wednesday, they had a culture night and it was awesome. Got to see traditional costumes and Meke dances. It was so fun and I loved it! I took tons of pictures.

Things went pretty well this week with the work. We had some good lessons and we're hoping to make some headway towards baptisms. I think its gonna cut down our effectivness with no car though, cause we have really spread out investigators. It will work out though.

We had a less active who hasn't come to church in years, go to both the nights of President Uchdorf and she has two children who are not yet members, so I am hoping we can get the family activated and baptized. Her husband is kind of a Punk though and is not supporting their desires to return to church, even though he too is a member. We will keep working with them though.

I'm working hard and having a good time. I cant believe my one year mark is knocking on the door. I still feel like I just got here and still have so much more I need to learn and improve in. It is good though. I love Fiji and even more I love the people of Fiji. Have an awesome week. I love you all!

Elder Wall

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