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Friday, September 18, 2009

September 13, 2009 E-mail

Well this week was interesting, but it was good. I had an experience that I was not going to share but after some encouragement from my companion, I guess I will.

So to start in Fiji, you eat and drink a lot of things that are not the most sanitary. Part of being a missionary here is dealing with some pretty constant diarrhea which usually is not too big of deal. So I had some pretty good diarrhea in the morning, but thought nothing of it. We went about our day anyways. Then we went to a recent converts house and as I was sitting
down. I decided to crack off a real quick fart. I let loose and then realized
that I had defiled my covenants. So I turned to my comp and said we need to
go. And he said, "Why?"

I replied that we need to go now. He was about to object again and ask why, when an awful stench reached his nose and he said, "oohh ok lets go."

In fijian culture, when you enter a home, you have to be really respectful and ask for Tatau or permission to leave. So we were shouting and asking for permission to leave as we were running out the door and trying to come up with a decent excuse. Luckily I don't think they knew what happened. Although after changing when I went back, a little boy asked me if I put on deodorant cause I stink. All in all it turned out not too bad though.

Other than that, we have had some competition from the missionaries from the Anglican church. They have been sending in their missionaries in houses right after we leave. But we're still doing really good. They are just mad cause we are cutting into their paycheck.

Russilla just got really sick, so we had to push back her baptismal date again. But she still says she really wants to be baptized, so thats good. Jone and his family are doing good. He is ready to be baptized, but we're dragging feet trying to get him baptized with his whole family. I hope it works out. His dad has awesome questions and reads everything we give him. He just works constantly.

Kini is doing awesome. It was pooring rain so not very many people came to church but she walked alone with no umbrella all the way from her village and showed up soaked but with a huge smile. Strongest little girl ever.

We have some programs set up for firesides and home teaching together in both Wailoku and Tamavua wards. So things are going good and I am having a good time. I hope all is well back home. I love you all and miss you tons.

I hope your week goes well and I will try my best to not shart my pants this week.

Love y'all,

Elder Wall

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