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A collection of letters from our favorite missionary. This blog is compiled by his sister and is made up of pictures and images sent to the fam.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Introducing Elder Wall

Hello all!
Jake officially left for the MTC on December 3rd this year. He was hoping to post on this blog while he was gone, but has since discovered that is a no-go. Instead, his lovely and extremely attractive sister will be taking over.
I'll try to update this thing regularly, but for now we have some catching up to do. I will be posting a few of his recent emails and pictures as they come in.
Thanks everyone and feel free to leave comments for Jake on here. I'm sure it'll be fun for him to check this out when he gets home.
I'd also be happy to forward any of your comments to him that you leave on here, so that he can enjoy them now too. He LOVES hearing from friends and family :)
Jake's Mouthpiece AKA favorite Sister

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