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Friday, October 8, 2010

September 26, 2010 - Are these investigators for real?

Well we had a really good week again this week. We have some of the best investigators. I can't even believe it! They all just want to know so bad and we have had some great lessons. One family that I am particularly excited to see what happens with, is the Tekawei family.

Their sons have been coming to church and have been wanting to be baptized for like two years now. But when we taught them, we told the parents we would rather teach them as a family so they started just sitting in to make us happy, but the past couple lessons they have been asking questions and paying close attention. We watched Finding Faith in Christ with them this week and the spirit was so strong. Their mother is awesome and will definitely be willing to accept the gospel. I think the father knows that if it is true, he has to change his life. So he seems a bit more nervous to start coming to church. But they promised us they would come this next week, so hopefully they will follow through and the Lord will prepare them to accept the gospel.

Sis Ilau is also an awesome investigator, probably the most studious I have ever had. She writes down every scripture reference and studies them after we leave, takes notes during the lessons, and writes one page summaries of every chapter we give her to read. She is awesome! She can understand English, but almost can't speak a word. So that makes it interesting to communicate sometimes. But we have had some awesome lessons with her.

Autoa and Tofi are great as well. They are just so excited to finally be baptized after such a long wait. Hopefully the APs can get over here quickly and do the interviews. They always remind us about lessons so we are sure to not forget. It is hilarious because the whole rest of my mission, I have been the one reminding people so they don't forget. Now the tables have turned and I love it.

We had a great meeting with the Branch President and made some great plans to help establish the church more here. He is a very humble, teachable man who wants so badly for the Branch to be good. He just tells us over and over that he has never been a member in a large branch, so he is not sure how things are supposed to work. He is awesome! I love him.

We are hoping to have a combined family home evening on Monday and I think all the members are really excited. The language is slowly but surely coming along. We only have one forty page BRIEF book about the language, so it is a lot of asking questions and trying to figure out why and how they use the grammar the way they do. The members are really our only language learning resource. Slowly, slowly.

It is still hotter than crap...but it has rained a lot the past couple of days, which cools things down. I think that about sums up this last week. All is well and I love and pray for you all.

Good luck TJ and Merrill family with the surgery. Get well soon Dad. Nick, I am praying for you as well. Stay strong.

Elder Wall

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