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Friday, October 8, 2010

October 3, 2010 - Ganja Virus

Well this week was a bit interesting. I got hit with the Ganja virus. Jk don't know what the heck virus it was, but it sucked really bad. I was really sick and felt like crap for four days till it got better. But the Lord did teach me a valuable lesson.

When I called the mission nurse cause I got really bad sick, she told me the first thing to do was to get a priesthood blessing cause there is no qualified medical professionals here (I found out this was true. The doctor was like a child playing hospital; she had a stethoscope around her neck so she looked like a doctor, but didn't know how to use it or what it was). Well I was prideful and thought that I was tough and that blessings are for dying people, I was just sick and would be better soon. After four days of suffering, the Lord broke my pride and I got a blessing. From there on out, I was on an uphill and by the next day, I was still a bit tired from no sleep for four days but out working again. So I learned to not rely upon my own strength. If I would have gotten the blessing at first, I could have had a lot better week this week. Lesson learned. Time to move forward. We had a great week anyway.

We have some awesome investigators. We are just waiting for the APs to get over to interview them, so we can baptize them. The APs think they are busy though and keep pushing back the date. Hopefully they will get over here fast; these people need to be baptized.

One family that is progressing well is the Teikaue family. Their father told us the other day that he has never really understood religion or the gospel, just went to church before exams in college thinking it could only help. Now he is starting to understand. It is great. We just need to get them to church now. They send their boys and stay home themselves. They say that they like what the church teaches the boys, but they aren't ready to go yet themselves. We will change that. Their mother asks a ton of great questions as well. We have great lessons with them and they are slowly progressing, so I am excited to see where they go.

We also have the best two investigators in the history of missionary work: Tofi and Autoa. They are so so awesome! They love our appointments, listen intently, ask questions, come to church, and get mad if we don't give them enough reading assignments from the Book of Mormon. Did I mention that they are awesome?

The branch is coming along well. It has been very easy and fun working with the leaders here. They are so humble, teachable, and eager to strengthen the branch. This week we're going to plan an activity and start home teaching. Things are going really well.

The language is frustrating the crap out of me. I can understand it pretty well surprisingly, considering the fact that I have only been here one month. But I cannot figure out how to create sentences. Our 60 page, half illustration grammar book is 50\50 for being correct or incorrect and there is so much not in it at all. I ask the members and they have no clue what things mean, when I can and cannot use certain things, or when it is this way and when it is that way. They have no clue. It is frustrating. I have no resources to learn with and nothing to teach me. My companion can speak and understand really well cause some things are the same as Samoan, but he too has no clue why and when to use things as he does. He just says that it's because it sounds right that way. So frustrating. I will just keep praying and trying my best and hopefully the Lord blesses me with a decent grammar book or something to help me.

Well, Love you all. Good luck this next week.

Elder Wall

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