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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

March 25, 2010: McDonald's here I come!

Well, what a week! It was very busy and it seems like we only finished half of what we needed to, but we still got so much done so I guess it is good. We get to make my favorite boat ride back to Suva this week for zone conference. I am ready for a break from the small island and excited to eat some McDonalds and pizza again. It will be good.

On May 10, Elder Finch will be leaving and I will get a new companion. I am not sure who it is but I hope he comes ready to work hard and have a great time doing it. Well this week on Sunday, we had pouring hard rain so unfortunately only two families made the walk out to church. We only had 15 people there, but it was still a good church. About half way through sacrament, the rain started pounding so hard on the tin roof that the speaker was yelling and you still couldn't hear anything so we ended a bit early. I am sure the talks were great though.

One really good story we had: the Seru family who we just baptized, asked us a question about tithing and paying tithing so we had a really good lesson. Then on Sunday, Poasa their oldest son, came running to me and said, "Elder, Elder, we brought the tithing- two dollars".

I laughed but I was so proud to see this very very modest family making the sacrifice to pay their tithing. I know the Lord will bless them for their obediance. It truly is a modern day story of the widow's mite. Two dollars Fijian is not quite one dollar American, but to this family it is a definite sacrifice. They are growing and progressing so well. Simply the fact that they walked farther than most Americans have ever walked in their lives in pouring rain through the jungle with four young kids and a small baby just to attend church, is really such a strong testimony of their faith. I love that family so much.

Other good things that happened this week: Lasarusa, a preacher for the Methodist church and his wife, told us they want to be baptized. However they can't really give up the paycheck from the Methodist church (it is their only source of income) so they said they would just come to our church every week and that he doesnt have to preach. I, being somewhat frustrated by the fact that they didn't really get it, talked really really straight to them and told them to join this church and that they must forsake all and follow the Savior and that he would have to leave the Methodist church and his paycheck. I was kind of worried about how they would take it. The following day, we heard that the head preacher (his boss), confronted him about always meeting with us and he got very upset and said that we were great people and that he was going to join our church. So hopefully we can work out transportation issues and find them some boat they can get to church every sunday on. They are such a great couple.

I got a boil on the bottom of my foot and by Saturday evening, I was sick of being a tough guy and walking on it so we went back to the flat and I squoze puss out of it all night. It's empty and I'm good to go now, so all is well. I will be eating good food again by Wednesday night when the boat reaches Suva. I am so excited! Love you all-- thanks for all you do.

Elder Wall

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