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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

March 18, 2010: Bi-Lingual Conference Time

Well this week was another great week. We finally got our conference disks to watch. However only two of them ended up working; we are not sure what happened. We had priesthood session in Fijian and Sunday pm in English. It was really good. But the one in Fijian was hard to follow. The translators were very monotone and plus, English and Fijian don't translate too well. If I paid attention really close, I knew what they were trying to say. But my attention span is not two hours long, so I was relieved to get the second one in English. I hope we can get all the copies in English and Fijian and we can watch them all sometime. But we had incredible attendance. Our record high, 33 people came out. So hopefully we can keep the attendance that high.

If we can, we're going to have to get more chairs and a bigger building; we only have 30 chairs. One woman, Rogo who we have been teaching for a long time and is a very great lady, has informed us that she wants to be baptized. She lives on the Tavuki side and we have a hard time finding transportation for them to come to church, so that is a difficult challenge we are praying to find a solution for. Her husband is also a preacher for the Methodist church and that too provides an interesting challenge. But she has great faith and her testimony is getting stronger and stronger so in due time, the Lord will solve her problems.

All of our little unit though is amazing. We have such a spirit of unity and love within the unit and our members is amazing. I know that the work here is only going to progress because of this great unity and love that they have. It is so great to see them learning and growing and progressing. They help each other out and little bit by little bit, they are becoming a strong strong band of saints in the Lord's kingdom on earth. I am so proud of them and the progress I have seen. It is so rewarding to see that.

Well all is well here and I love Kadavu and the wonderful people so much. I love and miss you all. Talk to you on mothers day.

Love Elder Wall

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