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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

July 19 E-mail

Well this week has been incredible. I think it has been the best week of my mission.

We started off with interviews with president, which are always good. Then we had an awesome Zone Conference. President Ostler talked about how we have a lot of really good missionaries, but very few great missionaries. He compared it to terrestrial missionaries and celestial missionaries. It really hit home to me cause I think I'm a really good missionary, but I'm not great yet. So I went about this week with a new attitude and a new focus to become a Celestial missionary. It made all the difference. I went from doing a few push ups in the morning to say that I exercised, to running and honestly exercising hard. I got more serious about companionship study and planning out our days. The result was great we (me and Elder Alba) had an incredible week with much more spirit with our work when we were prepared to have it with us. Almost every single lesson was crazy powerful and we could see the difference in the people we taught.

We also focused more on BRT (build a relationship of trust) and it helped us teach and to meet the people's needs more, which was awesome. One family has been investigating for three years and has excuse after excuse why she doesn't want to join. We went to them, and they are really big into playing the guitar. Me and their son and the father played guitar for an hour and then I taught them how to play a song that I didn't even know I remembered. It was a Creed song that I learned forever ago. After that we started the lesson and they opened up like a book. Their mother just started asking deep questions and picking out things, but we just explained and clarified everything so good. Then she came to church yesterday. We were shocked. It was really awesome!

We also tracted a lot cause we're still in a foursome and we found some of the best new investigators. We had some awesome lessons.

So basically this week was incredible. We were happy, smiling, and having a good time all week long. I loved it! A smile goes a mile.

As for Rakiraki, we went back Wednesday and Bro Cagi ( I refuse to call him president now he is released) pulled a quick one on the Stake. He moved out, they came and saw he was out, then he moved right back in. So Rakiraki is closed long term now and I think it is going to be a long time before missionaries are back.

The members are still doing pretty good. So for their sake, I hope the Stake figures something out. One member from Rakiraki, the chief's wife, weaved me the coolest scripture case ever as a going away gift and gave me a bird she weaved to send home. They are awesome!

So here is the new announcement on my transfer and where I am going: I have been assigned to the Tamavua ward which is in Suva. So I can't avoid the city anymore. I guess I'm just a village boy. I don't want to serve in the city, but I guess the Lord has different plans for me. I am going to follow-up training with Elder Smiley. He has been in the missionfield four weeks now. He is from New Zealand and seems pretty cool, so that will be good. He is new and doesn't know Fijian, so I am gonna be tested and find out how good my Fijian really is. It will be good for me though. I will no longer have someone else to rely on. All my comps so far have been really good with Fijian, so I have leaned on them a little bit. Not any longer. It will be good. I will get better and learn more now. It is probably the best area in Suva for that.

It is an all Fijian area and Ward. I leave for Suva Wednesday. So wish me luck.

Love you all and miss you. Thanks for the prayers and I am praying for you as well.

Loloma Levu
Elda Lalaga

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