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Monday, July 13, 2009

July 12, 2009 E-mail

Well it has been a pretty good week. We worked pretty hard and did much better about filling up our week for all four of us Elders. I am getting to know the ward a little bit too they are great. It is wierd being in a large functional ward, but it's good. I love not having to prepare lessons for Sunday school and priesthood and worry about who is talking, praying, and all that good stuff. So it is nice to get to sit back and enjoy church instead of being concerned with making everything happen.

The work here has been going good. We have some good investigators really close to baptism. Like everywhere in Fiji, we have a lot of less actives we have been trying to work with. It has gone pretty good.

Tavua area is kind of two areas: Vatukoula, which is a gold mine and a town for all the people who work in it. Then Tavua Village. Most of the time I am in the village with Elder Alba. But we switch off a little bit.

I love the Village life. I hope I spend my whole mission in villages. I don't like the cities. I am just a village boy.

This Wednesday, we went to Rakiraki, which was awesome and I loved it. The members are all still doing really well. They were so excited to see us and just talked about how much were loved and missed, so that was really cool. We snuck up on Keresi and caught her reading the Book of Mormon. I was so happy to see that she is still being faithful and doing what she needs to even though the Elders aren't there to remind her. It was awesome.

Miti also was so happy when I told him that I sent his baptismal picture home and that you all got so to see it. He always asks about you and says to send you his love. He is the best. I love him. He has totally taken on the responsibilty of the sacrament since we have been gone too. He brings the bread and prepares the table and makes sure that Jone, the teacher, will be there to pass. He is the best.

We also met in Rakiraki one of the pioneers of the church in Fiji. She was one of the first to join and she helped to translate the BOM into Fijian. She is the nicest old lady ever.

Some more good news from Rakiraki: we heard that President Cagi got released yesterday, so that is good. Things are starting to happen there. Today I have my Interview with the President and I will talk about what is gonna happen with Rakiraki and whether or not I am gonna get transferred. So we will see.

I am very excited for Zone Conference tomorrow. Well that is my week. Love you all.

Elder Wall

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