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Friday, September 10, 2010

September 5, 2010 - Not in Tuvalu yet

Well I am not in Tuvalu yet. There were problems with our flat and our flight to Tuvalu, so I spent the week in Taveuni in a threesome with Elder Gashler and Elder Mccombs. It was good. I got to Suva today though and am hopefully leaving for Tuvalu on Wednesday. That is the plan. Taveuni was good though.

We spent a large large majority of the week doing things not missionary work. I was super busy my last week with District Leader duties. I was kind of hoping to slide out of leadership as early as possible, but it didn't work like that. We had to get a flat ready in Qeleni because the sisters got assigned to Qeleni. As everyone knows, sisters can only have and live in the best. Cause for heavens sake they can't meet any trial or tribulation by having anything other than perfect circumstances to live in. Haha! So that was a huge pain in my butt arguing with contractors and trying to get them water and power; it took tons of time. But they are kind of good to go. It will be an adventure for them; they are living in the straight bush.

Then the Elders got assigned to Rabi, so we had to find them a flat and prepare everything, which was kind of interesting cause it was on a different island with people who speak a different language so that was a little bit different as well. But we got everything figured out and the elders and sisters are somewhat happily in their areas.

So basically my area got split into 3 areas, which will make things easier on Elder Gashler when he trains his greenie Elder Mccombs. I am especially happy that Rabi has missionaries. The members and investigators there are awesome! That took up most of my week, but we still got a couple of good things done missionary work wise. One recent convert went to the temple and took out his endowments. He is awesome and really loved it. Then we took him to talk to some other recent converts who are planning to go in October and we talked about the temple. It was the most awesome, powerful lesson ever! I am so grateful for the blessings of the temple and so grateful for the wonderful experiences that I have had in the temple. We are so blessed to live in Utah with temples EVERYWHERE and easily accessible! The people of Fiji have to sacrifice so much to go to the temple. We also got to do the confirmations of our baptisms last week.

Church was really good and it was hard to say bye to everyone. I was not in Taveuni very long, but I built some good relationships and the people really seemed to love me. So it was hard to leave. I am really happy with the progress that I saw while I was there. The church is REALLY growing in Taveuni. I am so blessed to have served there!

Well that is my week this week. I love you all and hopefully next week I will be emailing from Tuvalu. I found a place that has a "Learn Tuvaluan" book, so I will start studying today when I go buy it. Please pray for me. My time is ticking for me to learn a language. I love you all. Have a great week.

Dad again, get better soon.

Elder Wall

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