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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

June 2, 2010 - A Visit to Kavala

Well we had a great week again. We just got back from Kavala side now. We went up to give support and to pay a visit up there to the members. It was good and all the members are doing really well; the missionary work is very slow though. There are no villages open and the only place we are allowed to go is a small settlement with about ten houses. The problem is they all know who we are and what we share and don't really care about it. So it is really hard to find things to do. We pretty much just go support the members.

We did have one really good lesson with the mother of two of the youth members. She had just returned from Suva and had taken lessons from the missionaries in Suva so she knew a little bit and we just went over the restoration. The spirit was very strong and I think next time we go up there it will be good to go see her again.

Here in Vunisea, we had some good things happen as well. We had a great lesson with the Serus about the plan of salvation. They really love how perfect yet simple the plan our Heavenly Father created for us really is. After the lesson, Bro Seru took us in his little tiny row boat back to our side of the island. It was really fun. Just a tiny boat, but a beautiful moon lit sky on the ocean. It was awesome! We also talked about what members of the community say to them for joining the church and he just very strongly bore his testimony to us and said that is exactly what he tells them. He also talked about how his father is a preacher from the Methodist church and he was a member of the Methodist church 59 years but learned more about God and his plan for us in 2 months while taking lessons then the whole previous 59 years in the Methodist church. He went on to explain that in this church, it is automatic. Before learning about the church, he was really worried about how his family was gonna eat how they were gonna be able to afford to put the kids in school and so many other things. But in this church, when you just go to church and do what the church teaches, the blessings are automatic and things just work out. It is great to see them progress.

The Lal and Sakuka are awesome as well and our little branch is really growing. Sera, the lady we started teaching, came to church again and brought her grand kids. She told her husband that she is going to our church from now on and if he wants to come that's fine, but if not, she is going anyways. This is a very bold thing for her to do because in Fiji, the woman always follows the man. They are great though and I am so excited to continue teaching them.

This next week, we're going to Suva for Zone Conference. I am not excited to ride the boat all day again. But I am really excited for conference and to see some other missionaries and eat some good food.

Well things are going well here and I hope you all are having a great time there

Until next week,

Loloma Levu

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