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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

October 4, 2009 *Double Digits*

Well this week was awesome. I hit my ten month mark! It is crazy how fast time is going. But this week was really good.

We had two baptisms: Timoci and Iva. Unfortunately, Rusila had to work and so again we had to push back her baptism, which is not cool. I guess we will just keep working with her. Her less active family just keeps telling her that work is more important, so that sucks. But we will get her there eventually. She knows the church is true.

Iva was baptized Friday, which was really cool. We had a good turn out of people to come and support her and welcome her into the ward. She was very excited and nervous but seemed really happy and content afterward and is ready to jump head first into the relief society, so I have high hopes. I hope she will be able to soften her husband's heart and help him accept the gospel.

Then Timoci was baptized on Saturday. I can't remember if I mentioned this before, but he is like an ex-gangster. It's funny because they do not have guns, so they don't seem like real gangsters to me, but he has got the gang tatoos and things, so it is funny. After I baptized him, we were going to go change and he said, "Man, that was cool, all those bad things I did are gone...Thanks". It was awesome! Then after, he was a changed man. He came to church so motivated to learn. I just hope he can make some good friends from the ward cause his friends now are all no good. He said this whole week, they all tried to go get him to do bad things and tried to drag him out of the house, but he wouldn't. He said that on the morning of his baptism, they tried harder then they ever had before. Satan is very aware of the change and decision he made and is trying hard to fight against. I am gonna do what I can to make sure we keep him clean. I am gonna give him a white shirt and tie and get him looking nice so he can get the priesthood and start passing the sacrament and blessing. I just pray that the ward will strengthen him and help make the change into the church.

Things are going very well though; the ward is great and I am very excited to have zone conference on Friday and then general conference on Saturday and Sunday. So this next week is going to be awesome.

I hope you all are well and have an awesome next week. Thanks so much for all the love and support everyone of you give me. You're the best. I love you all.

Elder Wall

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