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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

June 10, 2009 E-mail

Well it has been another week and I was told that by this week, I would have some new news to report, but I have nothing. The stake still hasn't done anything and we're still here with the Branch President. However our report has gone to the area presidency and they know now, so something should happen. I am sick of saying that. I have been saying that for months.

Mom and Aunt Nat- I am sorry that I am vague, but I have to be. I am not allowed to talk about the things that have been happening yet. But hopefully soon I can. Just real bad things.

This week has been cold. I never thought I would be cold in Fiji, but I have been cold. It has been rainy windy and freezing. Friday, it was like 70 degrees and I thought I was gonna freeze to death. I am in big trouble when I go home to Utah in December and learn what cold really is.

Work this week went pretty well although the Methodist church owes me something. One of our investigators said we made her realize the importance of church, but that our church is too far away so she will just go to the one across the street from her house. I think she missed the point a little bit.

We had a big birthday celebration this week though, and me and my companion did a "sermon" for lack of a better word to all fifty-plus people present. It was cool. Especially since a methodist talatala (minister) was there.

We also have an appointment to teach at a school this week. It's gonna be a weekly after-school activity where we will go teach anyone who wants to hear, in their school. Imagine the reaction if that happened in America! But here, everyone is excited and I think we're gonna have a good turn out. The Recent Convert who is a chief came up with the Idea and got it accepted with the school. I'm very excited for that.

Bro Penni, the chief, also sat me down and had a talk with me that if I pay just for matterials, he will give me beach front property and make his villagers build me a house. He says he wants me to bring my family and come visit here often and said if he builds me a house, we won't have to stay in a hotel. I love that man. He is so funny; whenever I talk to him, all he wants to talk about is me having a house here.

Miti, the man who I baptized, passed the sacrament yesterday and has been practicing blessing for next week. He is excited and is going to bless in English. He has been reading the BOM in english and it has improved his English a lot. He is so awesome. I love him.

Some other good news: the past month or so, I have had a thriving colony of bed bugs in my mattress that eat me alive in the night. However after a gallon or so of bug killer, I think I have managed to evict them.

Well that about sums up my week this week. Keep writing and I love you all.

Elder Wall

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